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The Trilby Tour is preparing to return to the UK golf calendar after it has been acquired by leading golf and leisure pioneer Darwin Escapes. The original Trilby Tour was launched by Savile Row tailor William Hunt in 2007 and ran for 12 years, as thousands of hobbyists from across the UK compete in a series of 18-hole regional championships for a chance to qualify for a major international final. The Dundonald Links in Scotland is set to be one of the host places for the revamped Trilby Tour. The new-look Trilby Tour is set to re-launch later this year, as its new owners promise a renewed format and a series of “bigger” and better than ever events. Under its new look, the Trilby Tour will be open for the first time to both male and female hobbyists. With three events planned later this year in southern England, northern England and Scotland Darwin Escapes currently runs three golf courses – Dundonald Links in Ayrshire, Springs in Oxfordshire and Kelnwick Percy in East Yorkshire. Ashley Wiesant, Head of Golf at Darwin Escapes said: “The Trilby tour has a very loyal following and we have the opportunity to create the next chapter in the history of the event which is something we enjoy. After hosting a number of events on our golf courses in recent years, our team has developed many exciting concepts to go the tour, while retaining its unique identity. We want to make the event bigger and better than ever and be as inclusive as possible, and we look forward to sharing our plans in the coming months. ”More details on the relaunch events will be announced by Darwin Escapes over the coming months, along with the full schedule. For 2022, with a new overseas global final included in future plans for new owners To register your interest, visit

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