How do Golf Carts work?

Golf is one of the sports that allows you to utilize a motorized transportation like a cart as part of the game.

Technically, a golf cart is not even a cart as it cannot move under its own power. It is a small mechanized vehicle that is powered by a small gasoline engine or an electric motor.

If you are planning to but yourself the best golf cart, then it’s a nice idea to get familiar with how does it work.

Power Sources

As mentioned earlier, golf carts can run on either electricity or gas. Some models run on solar energy. While gas-powered golf carts use gasoline to run, electric-powered golf carts use electricity to power their battery cells.

To power the batteries, golf carts require a 110-volt battery. If you prefer using the electric-powered option, then you need to wait 8-12 hours before the drained battery is fully charged.

Just recently, several manufacturers of golf carts built eco-friendly carts that recharge their own batteries with the use of solar panels. You can mount these solar panels on the carts’ rooftops. For improved convenience, you can simply part your golf cart to recharge its battery.


Mind that a golf cart does not run as fast your regular car does. Several models only have a maximum of 15 mph speed and a 10 mph backward speed.

With the help of a regenerative braking system, energy is being feed back into the batteries. This helps in moderating the golf cart speed in the downhill inclines. There are several models that have a 11.4 hp maximum horsepower. Most of the golf carts on the market have a one-quart oil capacity and low emission singly cylinder engine together with a splash-style positive oil lubrication.


Be aware that before you can start running your golf cart, make sure to lock the brake into place. You can do this by simply pressing on the brake firmly. After that, you can turn the ignition with the help of the key and start the engine.

There are some models that are built with a button to press in, other than the ignition key. A lot of golf carts are powered by electricity, so you can assume that it is already on when the ignition is on the “ON” position.

All golf carts come with two gears: R (reverse) and F (forward) gears. You are free to adjust the gear on your desired setting by simply moving the lever. After that, you can step on the gas pedal to start moving. In case you need to make turns, make sure to do it slowly. That is because golf carts are prone to toppling, especially when you do sharp, quick turns.

You do not necessarily need to use a cart when you are out on the course. However, it’s a lot easier for you to focus on your game if your back is free from ache due to carrying a heavy bag around. Not only, using a golf cart lets you express yourself in the best possible way.

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