Excessive speed caused Tiger Woods’ SUV crash, sheriff says

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday that the Tiger Woods crash in February was caused by excessive speed, as the Woods SUV was traveling 84 to 87 mph along a slope of road outside Los Angeles, and the speed limit was 45. Miles per hour. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the car was traveling at 75 miles an hour when it hit a tree, no traffic lights were issued, and authorities said there was no evidence of malfunctions or distractions in the driving, so they had no probable reason to get these orders. However, investigators searched the SUV’s data recorder, known as the black box, and Villanueva blamed the February 23 accident solely on excessive speeding and Woods’ loss of control behind the wheel. Sheriff James Powers, who oversees the sheriff’s station closest to the crash site, said there was no evidence that the golfer had braked all over the wreck and that he believed Woods had inadvertently hit the throttle rather than the brake pedal. “The main causative factor behind this was this traffic collision driving at an unsafe speed due to road conditions and the inability to negotiate the curve of the road.” The investigators did not request search warrants for the athlete’s blood samples, which could have been tested for drugs, alcohol, or his cell phone, he said. Sheriff officials said Woods told lawmakers that he had not taken any medication or alcohol prior to the accident. Bowers said, “These questions have been asked and answered.” Woods tweeted a statement after the press conference thanking those who helped him immediately after his crash and who had helped him since the accident. He said he continues. Focus on my recovery and my family. ”Pic.twitter.com/uN8lsmDO1D— TigerWoods on April 7, 2021 Villanueva said Woods and his representatives had collaborated during the investigation and given permission to participate. Woods, who is from the Los Angeles area, had returned home to host a tournament. His PGA, Genesis Invitational at the Riviera Country Club, when the accident happened, was driving the Genesis GV80 SUV 2021 that he had loaned to him before the championship when he hit a high average at Rolling Hills Estates, just outside Los Angeles. SUV) ran off two opposite roads and uprooted a tree along a slope the police said was known for its wreckage, documents show that Woods told lawmakers he did not know how the accident happened and he did not remember driving. At the time of the crash, Woods was recovering from a fifth back surgery two months earlier, and Woods was in Florida recovering from several surgeries resulting from severe leg injuries he sustained in the accident. Woods hasn’t gone a full year without playing, dating back to his first PGA Tour event when he was 16 in high school, and Rory McIlroy, the four-time main golf champion who lives near Woods, said he visited him in March. 21- McIlroy said in the Masters Hall on Tuesday: “I spent a few hours with him, and that was nice. It was nice to see him. It was nice to see him in gracious spirits. When you hear about these things and look at the car and see the accident, you think he will be in bed. Hospitalized for six months. But it was actually better than that. ” Villanueva faced criticism for weeks for his comments about the accident, including describing it as a “pure accident” and saying there was no evidence of weakness, and allegations of special treatment were dismissed for the golf star said Villanueva refused to release body camera footage, citing Woods’s privacy, as Villanueva refused to release. This is the third time Woods has participated in an investigation into a car accident, for example, when his SUV ran over a fire hydrant. She hit a tree early the morning after Thanksgiving in 2009. This incident was the start of a shocking revelation that he was cheating on his wife with several women.Woods lost major corporate sponsorship, went to a Mississippi rehab clinic and didn’t return to golf for five months And, in May 2017, Florida police found him asleep Behind the wheel of a car parked awkwardly on the side of the road. He was arrested on a DUI charge and later said he had had an unexpected reaction to the prescribed medication for his back pain. Woods pleaded guilty to reckless driving and went to a clinic to seek help with prescription medications and sleep disturbance.

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